Four Socialists have to work on a Saturday.

Hilarity ensues.

Haley is a team assistant at a marketing firm. She and four of her colleagues must come into the office on a Saturday to finish a report on a deadline. As the day wears on, tensions flare as they clash on politics and every disagreement becomes bitter under the stress.

Would they rather do the work and go home, or win the argument and prove themselves right?

Short film | 2019 | pre-production


A Room Across

In a luxury hotel room across the street from his office...

A startup executive spends the night with an escort before a meeting with a ruthless mogul.

But someone is not who they appear to be.

Short film | 2019 | post-production


Hanno is a Hitman

He really needs a job.

Hanno lives alone in a studio. He reads newspapers and learns new languages. He's training himself. He only leaves the house to take his daughter for ice cream.

When his agent finds him a contract, the contract is a photo and a plane ticket. He takes the contract without knowing the catch - they want him to use a toxin he is not familiar with.

When the job goes wrong, he's the one who suffers the after-effects of the toxin. And now he can't remember how he got into this mess, but he knows he must run.

Short film | 2018 | 16min


Shelter Square

After the catastrophe, the evacuation. A few have found a place in the shelters. There they live and work...

Andrea, Marcus, Haley and Van. Survivors who now work the same shift. Their past lives have faded away, along with the world outside the shelter. All they fear is what is out there.

And now comes a new worker Joe, and once again no one's place is safe...

Short film | 2017 | 10min