Lucy gets a visit from her long-absent big brother.

He's a world-weary aid-worker who has been in disaster areas and war zones. She dreads what he has to tell her.

Little Hope | 2019 | post-production


A startup executive spends the night with an escort before a meeting with a ruthless mogul.

But someone is not who they appear to be.

A Room Across | 2019 | 20min


Four socialists have to work on a Saturday.

Hilarity ensues.

Four Socialists | 2019 | pre-production


Hanno is a hitman in need of a job.

When his agent finds him a contract, he takes the job without knowing the catch - they want him to use a toxin he is not familiar with.

Hanno is a Hitman | 2018 | 16min


After the catastrophe, the evacuation. A few have found a place in the shelters. There they live and work...

When a new worker arrives, no one's place is safe.

Shelter Square | 2017 | 10min