Four socialists have to work on a Saturday.

Hilarity ensues.

Haley is a team assistant at a marketing firm. She and four of her colleagues must come into the office on a Saturday to finish a report on a deadline. As the day wears on, tensions flare as they clash on politics and every disagreement becomes bitter under the stress.

Would they rather do the work and go home, or win the argument and prove themselves right?

2019 | pre-production



25-40 yrs

Middle-eastern or Persian. He's the do-it-all go-to-guy. Passionate about social justice and foreign affairs. Spends a lot of time shopping for olive oil.


25-40 yrs

American woman of color. She's the ambitious newcomer. Speaks her mind, and keeps an open mind. She will quietly judge you if you complain.


25-40 yrs

German. He's the hipster of the company. Wears Bernie Sanders t-shirts. Hates the NSA surveillance system. Loves using Facebook.


30-50 yrs

Russian or Slavic. She's the senior member of the team. An intellectual with a dry sense of humor. Apolitical except when it comes to Russia. She's proud of her country.