A Room Across

In a luxury hotel room across the street from his office...

A startup executive spends the night with an escort before a meeting with a ruthless mogul.

But someone is not who they appear to be.

Short film | 2019 | pre-production


A stylish suspense drama in the vein of...

The Conversation - Coppola

Bound - The Wachowskis

The Game - Fincher

Femme Fatale - De Palma

Side Effects - Soderbergh



25-40 yrs

A professional who knows how to handle clients in desperate situations. She's often stoic and hard to read, but she can be playful and sly when she's enjoying her work. Who she really is and what she is capable of, is the mystery of the story.


30-45 yrs

The CEO of a startup that is on the verge of bankruptcy. He's ambitious, willing to cut corners in business and in life. But he's not as cutthroat as he thinks he is, and that makes him a liability to his business partners.


30-45 yrs

An executive assistant who's loyal to her ruthless boss. She's a lawyer by training and knows how to work around the law. She's kind and sweet and sympathetic to her boss's victims, but that does not affect her performance on the job.